Sigma Nu Safe from Campus Controversy

Theta Plans for Future and Expands Web Presence

I hope Theta Chapter finishes the semester strong like our football team.  As you may have heard, recruitment has been suspended at the University for the remainder of the semester.  Several other fraternal organizations have either had their charters revoked or lost block seating privileges.

Rest assured, Theta Chapter is not one of those groups!

House Corporation Welcomes Member From Tuscaloosa

As part of the House Corporation’s influence in Tuscaloosa, we have recruited another member for a Chapter advisor role.  Please join me in welcoming Thomas Powe ’05, Θ2178.  As you all know, this is a large responsibility.  Thomas will effectively be our “boots on the ground” in Tuscaloosa.

Theta Chapter Developing New Website

In the coming months, the House Corporation is looking to design and start a Chapter website.  Lucky for us, Jamie Holman ’89 Θ1826 in Birmingham and Jason Pelham ’90 Θ1879 of Pretty Cool Huh, LLC in Atlanta have spearheaded this effort and are well on the way to designing a functional and interactive website.

I have no doubt we will have the best fraternal website not only in the southeastern conference, but in the country as well.  The exemplars that I have reviewed already are better than most of the national fraternity websites currently available.

If you have expertise in this are and would like to get involved, please contact me.  We are always looking for new ideas to make this a better product.

Also, if you have composites which predate 1980 and would be willing to share copies of these to be posted on the site, please contact me with the years you have.

Sigma Nu Prepares for 2013 Recruitment

Chris Williams ’88 Θ1800, of Montgomery, AL has done a great job of serving as a recruitment liaison the last few years.  We wish him well as we welcome Davis Underwood ’11 to the role of head recruitment chairman.  Davis, along with chairman Kit Harbuck ’11 and Daniel Peterman ’11, is excited to continue the long-standing tradition of selecting only the best young men to join our fraternity.

With that being said, we cannot rely on in-house members to point us in the right direction of quality candidates.  Therefore, any help or input on quality young men that you feel would fit Theta Chapter would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any information on known legacies that could potentially be missed would be very helpful.  Feel free to contact these chairman directly via our Rush Recruitment form.

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of Theta Chapter.


Eris Bryan Paul ’98 Θ2024
House Corporation Secretary